Made in Britain

Made in Britain

We're really proud to announce that we're now part of the Made in Britain family. We hope that in attaining this mark we show our commitment to transparency and quality in everything we do here at GasGrab.

So what does it mean? The following is taken from the Made in Britain website (, 

"To be eligible for membership you must be a manufacturer making physical goods (excluding digital products and software) where raw materials/components have undergone a substantial and transformative change as a result of your manufacturing processes that take place in Great Britain or Northern Ireland.

One hundred per cent (100%) of the labour or human resource that makes the finished product that will carry the official trademark, is in Great Britain or Northern Ireland."

Being a member of Made in Britain will open lots of opportunities for collaboration with other British manufacturers. We will also receive support in establishing new sales channels abroad - so if there isn't a GasGrab reseller near you right now, hopefully there will be soon!

Also very importantly we'll receive help in increasing our sustainability and reducing our environmental impact by taking part in their Green Growth program. I'm sure there'll be plenty of updates on that to come.

 Look out for the Made in Britain mark on our packaging and marketing soon!



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