Sales & Distribution Opportunity

We are looking for distributors who will be able to take this innovative, essential gas cylinder lifting product to the next level.

With distributors required around the globe now is your chance to get on board and make GasGrab™ available to your customers.

Key advantages:

  • The GasGrab™ has the potential for massive sales at significant margins.
  • The patented GasGrab™ offers NEW revenue streams through existing channels and new ones.
  • The GasGrab™ adds a unique product to your catalogue or website.
  • Easy to carry, easy to demonstrate - once the customer sees how simple GasGrab™ is to use and how reliable it is, it sells itself!
  • GasGrab™ saves your customers time and money by reducing injury in the work place and operator illness.
  • Its ergonomic design and quality manufacturing mean the GasGrab™ does not suffer from mechanical problems - so no unwanted warranty claims.

Inspection + Testing = Customer Confidence.

Rigorous testing at Bradford University (UK) has concluded that the risk of back injury while moving gas cylinders is significantly reduced by using the GasGrab™.

To ensure your customers' confidence in the GasGrab™, we provide our distributors with a copy of this research.

How do I get on board?

In the first instance please send us your details via our Contact page. As long as there are no other contracts signed up in your area/trade, we will supply you with a more detailed information pack and will ask you for some more information about your expected sales and proposed strategy.