GasGrab™ was designed by Lionel Foster, a welder/fabricator, at a time when he was suffering from a complaint that gave great discomfort whenever he had to move or change a gas cylinder. Although Lionel was in pain whilst moving gas cylinders, his attitude was 'work must go on' and so in 2000, GasGrab™ was conceived.

Since then GasGrab™ has been modified and improved into the patented unit we have today.


Simple and versatile, GasGrab™ is ideal for every industry where high-pressure gas cylinders (gas bottles) are used, for instance:

  • Hospitals and other Health Care establishments
  • Licensing trade and Restaurants
  • Welding & Fabrication
  • Retail shops selling balloons
  • Events organisers
  • Building & Demolition
  • General Engineering

Why buy a GasGrab™?

GasGrab™ helps eliminate injury by allowing the operator to take a healthier posture while lifting or moving a gas cylinder - protecting the back, shoulder and abdominal muscles. With GasGrab™'s patented design, the weight of the cylinder determines the clamping force required to lift the cylinder.

You can be assured that GasGrab™ has been tested well in excess of the weight of a full cylinder of gas, and as such has been issued with a test certificate - a copy is included with every GasGrab™ sold.

Listen to the Experts

In 2007 Bradford University carried out a study of the GasGrab™. The 34 page report that came from this study includes a large amount of technical data that highlights the health and saftey benefits of using GasGrab™ when lifting gas cyclinders.

Click here to download and view the report. (Report size: 3.66Mb, PDF Reader required.)